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2015-09-26/27 WT Final Tábor

Tábor – Judges: Rita Kökény (HU), Petra Loidl (AT)


Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 49°22’13.676″N, 14°44’2.757″E
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 49°22’13.676″N, 14°44’2.757″E


Rita Kökény (HU)

I entered into the retriever world in 1997. when I got my first lab Artúr, a show dog from Finnish lines – before him I had spaniels. I bought my first field trial labrador in 2001., Gianna of Carinthia, a wonderful bitch.

Since that time I have made up 5 International Field Trial Champions in my kennel:
Int. & H FTCH Gianna of Carinthia
Int. FTCH Chance of Dukefield
GB & Int. & H FTCH Blackthorn Ascella
Int. FTCH Blackthorn Racer
Int. FTCH Garagill Pike at Blackthorn

In 2009. my own bred Ascella did an incredible thing in England: she won 2 qualifying Open Field Trials in a row, within a week and she became the first and until now the only one Field Trial Champion from the Continent made up under the rules of the UK Kennel Club and she was also qualified to run on the IGL Retriever Championship in Blankley.

I am also a great fan of team competitions: last year in March I started on Spessart Cup (D) where our team finished on the 2nd place, then with the same team we won the German Cup 2014. and on the IWT 2014. our team Hungary 2 got 3rd place from 36 top teams of Europe – a team of Blackthorn dogs!

I have been breeding working-line labradors since 2005. under the kennel name Blackthorn. (

I have been active in promoting retriever work in Hungary for 15 years – in the past 10 years as one of the leaders of the Labrador Retriever.

After qualifying myself as an FCI overall work judge I had finished a practical FT judging course in England organized by the Kennel Club with the guidance of Sandra and John Halstead and John Drury. It was a great honour and joy to learn from the Top Judges in England!

In the past years I judged many times in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway – and in 2008. I had the honour to judge on a Field Trial in England!

Spring and Summer I run my dogs on Workingtests, Autumn and Winter is the Field Trial and hunting season for my dogs.

It will be a great pleasure for me to judge again in Checz Republic and I wish good luck and great fun to the competitors!

Rita Kökény, 2015.

Petra Loidl (AT)

I have been running Labradors since 1992. I enjoy running my dogs in WTs and, of course, in FTs in Austria and abroad and going picking-up with them. In 2009 I started breeding my own lines under the Kennel name LESSER BURDOCK. My greatest successes so far have been the win in the first Austrian-Hungarian FT Championship 2011 and the ICC 2012 with my IntFTCH Lesser Burdock Ansdell “Jodie”. I could also win the WT finals (open class) with Jodie in Austria in 2014.Currently I am focusing on my 3-year-old bitch Lesser Burdock Beaver, a daughter of Jodie, who has already shown her great capacities in several competitions. I have great hopes in her and hope to make her a FT champion in the upcoming seasons.

I have already judged WTs in Germany, Slovenia, Italy and France. I am very much looking forward to judging this year’s finals in the Czech Republic. I wish all the competitors the best of luck and an enjoyable weekend!


Puppy (E) Class
Novice (L) Class
Intermediate (M) Class
Open (S) Class

September 26, 2015 – 8:30
September 26, 2015 – 13:00
September 27, 2015 – 8:30
September 27, 2015 – 13:00

Starting fee:

members of RS CZ
non-members of RS CZ

25,- € | 600,- Kč
40,- € | 1000,- Kč

Maximum dogs:
30 per day

Registration: no later than 30 minutes before the start of each class.

For more information about the WT please contact:

Martin Incédi, tel. +420 608 622 819
Miroslav Krejčí, tel. +420 733 670 139
Dana Slabá, tel. +420 607 565 460