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WT TOUR 2023 Summary

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Dear retriever fans,

first of all, we would like to thank you for your participation at WT TOUR 2023 in the last season. WT 2023 was held in beautiful hunting grounds in Konopiste, Melnik, Nova Vcelnice and Milovice. The invitation confirmed judges from Great Britain, Ireland and Slovakia.

The winners in the year 2023 were:

1 st place – handler Romana Chobotska with dog FCR Paartal Pioneer’s Montaro – total 168 points
2 nd place – handler Romana Chobotska with dog FCR Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana – total 166 points
3 rd place – handler Iveta Hlavacova with bitch LR Bjarte Yrsa Sannur Rydgadur – total 163 points.

For the full results and score sheets from the event please see the section: WORKING TESTS – WT TOUR.

A total of 158 dogs successfully passed the WT TOUR 2023, this is a historic record.

From above mentioned total number the following breeds were represented:
27x FCR
28x GR
94x LR
9x NSR

Congratulations to all winners, to all the participating teams and we are looking forward to see you at the WT TOUR 2024. Thank to the judges who gave their time and expertise, their knowledge and understanding of the dog work was exemplary.

Your RS Committee