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Results WT Mělník 2024

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Judges: Dawn Scott & Dorothy Walls-Duffin 👏

Class E
🥇1st place: Tereza Křížová & Dorothée Cannelle Réglisse d´Elisabeth – Excellent – 80p./80p. (run-off)
🥈2nd place: Štěpánka Stříbrná & Amazing Claudia Crazy Blues – Excellent – 80p./80p. (run-off)
🥉3rd place: Petra Seibertová & Adventurous Witch Bonny Dux – Excellent – 80p./80p. (run-off)
😍Judges Choice: Martina Horváthová & Afrodita ArnyMia

Class L
🥇1st place: Šárka Navrátilová & Expert Irene z Čertova doupěte – Excellent – 79p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Kateřina Lisá & Yabou Bonny Dux – Excellent – 75p./80p. (run-off)
🥉3rd place: Lenka Trylčová & Fidorca Labský vítr – Excellent – 75p./80p. (run-off)
😍Judges Choice: Hana Benešová & Hannya Bohemia Galaxy

Veterans class
🥇1st place: Romana Chobotská & Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana – Excellent – 80p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Bohunka Lelková & Bombastic Wind Griffella – Good – 75p./80p.

Class M
🥇1st place: Renate Gaal & Danube Boondocks Busy Liesi – Very good – 71 p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Tanja Gewies & ArdentZeal Blaze – Very good – 70p./80p.
🥉3rd place: Manuela Schwojer & Glenbriars’s Bentley – Very good – 69p./80p.
😍Judges Choice: Renate Gaal & Danube Boondocks Busy Liesi

Class S
🥇1st place: Stefan Gaal & Danube Boondocks Amber Flo – Excellent – 78p./80p. (run-off)
🥈2nd place: Brigitte Haiduk & Windingbrooks Cullen Win – Excellent – 76p./80p. (run-off)
🥉3rd place: Tanja Gewies & ArdentZeal Blaze – Excellent – 76p./80p. (run-off)
😍Judges Choice: Stefan Gaal & Danube Boondocks Amber Flo


Thanks to our sponsors Marp Pet Food & FIREDOG gundog supplies!

We would like to remind you of the upcoming DT & WT Konopiště. It will take place on 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2024. Registration is already in progress. The last few spots are still available.
You can register in section EVENTS – UPCOMING – 2024-06-14 Dummy Trial Konopiště & EVENTS – UPCOMING – 2024-06-15/16 WT Konopiště. Our invitation accepted judges from UK Paul Hasney and Andy Mutimer.

We look forward to seeing you!