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Dear WT Konopiste competitors,

Here you can find some organization information for the upcoming event which takes place this weekend 15th and 16th June 2024.

Newcomers (E) Class 15.6.2024 – 8:30
Beginners (L) Class + VETERANS 15.6.2024 – 13:00
Novice (M) Class 16.6.2024 – 9:00
Open (S) Class 16.6.2024 – 13:00

The price giving will take place after the end of the judging. The price giving takes place after each class, if time allows.

Check-In Location:
GPS:  Parking Area -> 14°37’19.773″E, 49°46’13.223″N – Registration -> 49°46’13.222″N, 14°37’19.772″E

IMPORTANT – All vehicles may ONLY park in the area marked as PARKING. There will be a person at the parking lot who will manage the parking – please follow his instructions. You will walk from the parking lot to the REGISTRATION point. Access to the forest road, which is marked with a no-entry sign, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Guides with impaired mobility and handlers with more dogs – please contact us to find a solution that of the does not violate the conditions provided hunting area and at the same time you are able to move to the meeting place. Handlers with impaired mobility or handlers with more dogs please call Romana directly on +420 776 555 613 (CZ, AJ, event. email

If you can’t attend the competion please let us know for organization reasons.
In case of any urgency please contact Mrs. Bohunka Lelkova, phone +420 606 628 530.
Wishing you good luck and enjoy the day!

Retriever Sport CZ