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1. What are Working Tests?
Working tests (hereafter referred to as “WT”) are tests designed to test the working qualities of retrievers in the post-shot work that is their original job, without the use of game. All breeds of retrievers can participate in WT organized by RS CZ.

2. Are there any different classes?
Yes. In WT, dogs are divided according to their level into 4 classes – Newcomers (E), Beginners (L), Novice (M) and Open (S). Experienced matadors of Open class performance do not “roll” beginners here.

3. What is expected of the dogs in each performance class?
An overview of the requirements for each performance class can be found in the Annex to the examination regulations.

4. How can I enter the WT?
The WT application form can be found on this website in the Activity Plan for each individual event.

5. Can non-members of RS CZ participate in the WT?
Yes, but a higher entry fee applies.

6. At what age can a dog participate in WTs?
The WT is open to dogs from 9 months of age.

7. Is there an age limit for the handler?
No. The WT is open to handlers of any age.

8. Are there any other conditions for participation in the WT?
Only healthy animals with valid vaccinations can participate in the WT. Bitches in heat are excluded from participation.