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Peter Novota

My first retriever is female Labrador Retriever Angel of Adamarden born in. in 2007. Angie was originally intended to be a family dog to children and also a universal therapeutic element in the family. In accordance with the motto “dog out, owner not tired”, I was looking for a suitable activity for Angie. That’s how I came across workingtests in my search. This system of training appealed to me and Angie also found a liking for it. Thanks to workingtests, we gradually worked our way up to hunting practice together after a long journey. From the first litter after Angie we kept a female – Aminu z Pálfyho dvora (born 2010), who seems to be talented at working in the range like her parents. Currently we regularly go hunting with both bitches for small game (duck, pheasant, rabbit) and we do various worktests outside of hunting season.

Some of our greatest working accomplishments include being assigned several times as judges’ choice at workingtests in various categories, repeated wins at workingtests, participation in the 2011 IWT, and success at hunter trials.

Because the training of a hunting dog should be directed towards its use in hunting practice, the training at the Retriever Sport Centre Prague is aimed at preparing the retriever for hunting practice. However, the trainings are also suitable for people who are not going into hunting practice with their dog and are looking for meaningful fun for their dog’s head and legs. In the training, I will try to simulate situations that arise on small game hunts that an owner and his dog must deal with.

The form of training is based on communication and interplay between handler and dog. The goal of the training is a reliable, independently working, perfectly controllable retriever.

At the training sessions, participants have the opportunity to:

  • learn to communicate with your dog
  • learn to build a strong team handler and dog
  • lead your dog to obedience and reliability
  • last but not least, also ask questions about the training and work of the retriever

Current training dates can be found on our website on Facebook link Retriever Sport CZ.