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Jaroslava Fišerová
+420 777 034 640






Dates of next trainings

If you are interested in holiday training with Dummy (beginners, intermediate) please register at the link below, you will find additional information and availability at each event.



Who is the training suitable for?

Especially for owners of retrievers who want to educate and train a hunting dog. In the near future from puppies to intermediate, from autumn 2021 from the age of 6 months, with basic obedience training.


Info on individual dates above or at facebook pages of Retriever sport CZ.


Brno and surroundings, there will be several training locations, you will always be given instructions where the meeting point is.

What is needed? 

Whistle, bag/ vest for retrieves, moxon leash loop/hunting leash over shoulder, treats, clicker (if using), maybe a journal for notes.

How much? 

Group 350 CZK/dog, seniors 300 CZK/dog, individual WT training 500 CZK/dog, individual hunting training 550 CZK/dog.

Something about me…

Dogs have been with me for almost 20 years, I currently own 2 female NSDTR four year old Wendy and her daughter, puppy Adele. The sixth and seventh dogs in our family.

I started regular hunting dog training with a group of friends in 2010. With the female Bara I gradually passed basically all hunting tests, including all-round club tests, where Baruska was even the first female NSDTR in the Czech Republic, who successfully completed them, she became the first Toller female with the title Champion of work in the Czech Republic.

Repeated training of hunting disciplines stopped satisfying me after a while and when I discovered the magic of WT training and competitions, I was literally enchanted. Barca and I were gaining our first experience, slowly getting into the secrets of the demanding top hunting dog training. However, the big disadvantage was her loudness, which prevented us from successfully completing any WT race.

I am therefore very happy that another female, Wendy, is quiet, has a high drive and enjoys training, racing and hunting very much. We have passed KPZ (due to LUP), we are currently competing in WT M class and we won WT Finals CZ 2020, organized by RS CZ. We regularly participate in duck and small game hunts.

I was preparing a group of handlers to pass the OVVR and I am very happy that they all passed successfully, one dog was even the winner of the trials.

Over the years I have grown to love working with hunting dogs, and I train often and happily, whether alone, with friends, or with a trainer.

I try to pass on my knowledge and experience to other owners, and I am now also training regularly.

I try to conduct training in a logical and meaningful way, preferably in the way of success for the handler and the dog.

I like challenges.