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WT Tour

2023 Paartal Pioneer’s Montaro Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana Bjarte Yrsa Sannur Rydgadur
2022 EL Emilia Arlet Star Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana Be Naya Arlet Star
2021 Paartal Pioneer’s Montaro TreasureYarden’s Chili EL Emilia Arlet Star, Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana
2020 Crazylake Afrika Blackthorn Aruna Abenthan Bell
2019 Aria Eden Loci Arapaho Tessa Lavondyss Questing Cedric Face
2018 Natsuki Biely Akát Cee Amazing Frace Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana
2017 Blackthorn Izar Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana Cee Amazing Frace
2016 Blackthorn Izar SedgeGrass Hop, Skip and Jump Be Naya Arlet Star
2015 Blackthorn Biham Arapaho Shelf Lavondyss Arapaho Tessa Lavondyss
2014 Blackthorn Biham Watergreen Joker Blackthorn Izar
2013 Blackthorn Izar Blackthorn Biham Blackthorn Justurna
2012 Drake’s Bay Harley Blackthorn Biham Conneywarren Cody, Blackthorn Izar
2011 Blackthorn Biham Blackthorn Gandalf Aschley Aurora Polaris, Conneywarren Cody
2010 Blackthorn Dubhe Icke Regent Plus Blackthorn Biham
2009 Blackthorn Biham Woodquarter Gundog’s Alabama Icke Regent Plus
2008 Icke Regent Plus Crazy Santana Golden Blackthorn Biham
2007 Hany Regent Plus Eve’s Elisabeth Tetřeví dvůr Icke Regent Plus

Class – points obtained for the highest class successfully passed in the season.
Classification – the sum of points obtained by each award in the season.
Place – the sum of points obtained by each place in the season.

Class E = 20 points L = 40 points M = 60 points S = 80 points
Classification Excellent = 20 points Very good = 15 points Good = 10 points Passed = 5 points
Place 1st place = 6 points 2nd place = 4 points 3rd place = 2 points

The final points of an individually season are the sum of the following three data: class (highest completed class), awards (sum of points obtained for individual awards) and placements (sum of points obtained for individual placements on the podium). If two or more teams achieve the same number of points for the whole season, the winner of the WT TOUR becomes the older male / female.

The most successful dogs in WT Tour
Blackthorn Biham LR  
Blackthorn Izar LR
Paartal Pioneer’s Montaro FCR
Icke Regent Plus LR  
EL Emilia Arlet Star LR
Aria Eden Loci LR
Blackthorn Dubhe LR
Drake’s Bay Harley LR
Hany Regent Plus LR
Natsuki Biely Akát LR
Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana FCR  
Arapaho Tessa Lavondyss LR
Cee Amazing Frace LR
Arapaho Shelf Lavondyss LR
Blackthorn Gandalf LR
Crazy Santana Golden GR
Eve’s Elisabeth Tetřeví dvůr LR
SedgeGrass Hop, Skip and Jump CBR
TreasureYarden’s Chili LR
Watergreen Joker LR
Woodquarter Gundog’s Alabama LR
Conneywarren Cody LR
Be Naya Arlet Star LR
Aschley Aurora Polaris LR
Blackthorn Justurna LR
Questing Cedric Face LR
Bjarte Yrsa Sannur Rydgadur LR