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2024-06-14 Dummy Trial Konopiště

Konopiště (close to Benešov) – Judges: Paul Hasney (GB), Andy Mutimer (GB)



Check-In Location: View Map | GPS: 14°37’19.773″E, 49°46’13.223″N
Testing Location: View Map | GPS: 14°37’11.022″E, 49°46’42.047″N

Paul Hasney (GB)

Andy Mutimer (GB)



Starting fee:

members of RS CZ
non-members of RS CZ

EUR 50,- | Kč 1.100,-
EUR 60,- | Kč 1.400,-

If you pay by bank transfer, the name of the event must be indicated in the note “for the recipient” (DT Konopiště 2024).
  • Entry will be accepted only if payment is made to the bank account of Retriever Sport CZ. Without financial payment of the application preferably to the bank account of the association, the application will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding.
Maximum dogs:
50 per day
Deadline for entries: If the class is full, registration may be stopped!

Registration: no later than 30 minutes before the start of each class.


For more information about the WT please contact:

Romana Chobotská, tel. +420 776 555 613 (CZ, EN)
Ivana Rindošová, tel. +420 777 244 574
Bohumila Lelková, tel. +420 606 628 530