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Results WT Milovice 2024

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Judges: Paula Cullis & Steve Cullis 👏

Class E
🥇1st place: Štěpánka Stříbrná & Amazing Claudia Crazy Blues Excellent – 78p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Iveta Kušková a Wild Friendly Hapiness – Excellent – 76p./80p. (run-off)
🥉3rd place: Piotr Budzyński a Blackthorn Terefere – Excellent – 76p./80p. (run-off)
😍Judges Choice: Katarzyna Kozłowska & ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Jumping Hunters

Class L
🥇1st place: Ilona Bartos & Head over Fields Hooligan of ReedBed – Excellent – 79p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Lenka Kalivodová & Berry z Váhy – Excellent – 78p./80p.
🥉3rd place: Šárka Navrátilová & Expert Irene z Čertova doupěte – Excellent – 76p./80p.
😍Judges Choice: Hana Benešová a Hannya Bohemia Galaxy

Veterans class
🥇1st place: Bohunka Lelková & Bombastic Wind Griffella – Passed – 52p./80p.

Class M
🥇1st place: Ladislav Janda & Breya Jordis Sannur Rydgadur – Very good – 72 p./80p.
🥈2nd place: Iveta Hlaváčová & Bjarte Yrsa Sannur Rydgadur – Very good – 71p./80p.
🥉3rd place: Agata Kaminska & Redhoney Be Lucifer Morningstar – Very good – 68p./80p.
😍Judges Choice: Agata Kaminska & Redhoney Be Lucifer Morningstar

Class S
🥇1st place: Brigitte Haiduk & Windingbrooks Cullen Win – Excellent – 74p./80p. (run-off)
🥈2nd place: Sebastian Zagłoba & Head Over Fields Great Gatsby – Excellent – 74p./80p. (run-off)
🥉3rd place: Romana Chobotska & Paartal Pioneer’s Indiana – Excellent – 73p./80p.
😍Judges Choice: Sebastian Zagloba & Head Over Fields Great Gatsby


Thanks to our sponsors Marp Pet Food & FIREDOG gundog supplies!

We would like to remind you of the upcoming WT Mělník. It will take place on 20th and 21st April 2024. Registration is already in progress and will end on April 10th.The last few spots are still available.
You can register in section EVENTS – UPCOMING – 2024-04-20/21 WT Mělník. Our invitation accepted judges from UK Dawn Scott and Dorothy Walls-Duffin.

We look forward to seeing you!